Monday, July 9, 2018

The Essential Utility Of the Shirt Breast Pocket

If there is anything close to a taxi uniform, it is clothing containing functional pockets because the modern cabbie is constantly putting stuff in and taking stuff out of both pants and shirt pockets.  If, heaven forbid, there is a hole in my pants pocket I am forever picking up keys and change off the street.  And just as important is that shirt pocket where I quickly stuff all those various one, five, ten and twenty dollar bills customers are paying me with, my shirt pocket a kind of quick safety deposit box which I attend to a little bit later when the rush is over and finding myself impatiently parked somewhere once again waiting for the next call.

But when it is sunny and my short sleeve shirt doesn't have a pocket, like the one I wore yesterday, I find myself stuffing all that cash either in the visor above my head or cramming it in my right side pants pocket, meaning I probably have to unbuckle the seat belt, or worse, stopping the cab and getting out and shoving all that money in, creating an uncomfortable bulge.  Better of course to just have a breast pocket available, allowing instead focus upon the road and not where I am putting the money, otherwise easily losing track and later finding it loose upon the floorboard, just waiting to fly out of the cab into the street.

While this might sound like making the simple complex it truly isn't because my cab is a tornado spinning down the road, complete control more theoretical than real or actual practice, all hell breaking loose everywhere: on the road, in the cab, and most especially, in my brain, needing that essential shirt pocket to ensure that suddenly I haven't become insane!  Yes, Tammy tell me true, minus my shirt breast pocket I am certainly sad and blue!

And without this basic sartorial assistance, I just will never know what to do!

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