Monday, July 23, 2018

$7.70----Are You Sure This Is The DT Sheraton? Plus DDS Update

The usual disorientation of the average passenger is galling, which is why the advice to follow their directions borders upon the ludicrous, knowing full well they don't know, and worse, don't want to.  There is a Yellow dictate saying you must listen to the passenger, even if it means the lemming is telling you drive off the nearest cliff, you must do it, customer service, or is it disservice, our ultimate goal. 

So when, like yesterday's "as-mundane-as-you-can-get fare" from the train station to the downtown Sheraton Hotel, the customer questions whether we are there, what can the poor cabbie do?  While the options are perhaps many, what I chose was to reassure the dingbat we were there, not insulting her by saying "Hey lady, if you don't believe me, get out and ask the doorman where he is working?"

Turns out she thought she was going to the old Washington Plaza now Westin Hotel, somewhere I had my first drink in 1975 at a bar once called the Library Lounge with a woman I later married. The passenger in question said "she was looking for the hotel with the round towers ."  

And no it ain't, that not the Sheraton, and please get out, and no tip, because it's too late, I've already authorized the $7.70.  "Do you want a receipt? "  Goodbye!

DDS System Update

Thursday we met once again with John Denenfeld, the DDS Senior Account Manager which was mostly a reiteration of what we had heard previously.  While there might be a small price reduction, what we appear to be looking at is a cost of $799.00 per the new and forever permanent tablet.  While rumor has it that Orange Cab paid only $600.00, the reality, as Mr. Denenfeld confirmed, was $1500.00 per cab.  Pricey to say the least.  

Expect a handout flyer, mostly composed by me, to be ready for your reading pleasure sometime later this week.  It will be plain and simple and the ultimate truth.  If you don't believe it, please make an appointment with the next available taxi psychiatrist. It might help. And please, don't see me in the morning!

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