Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Making It Happen---What Taxi Is All About!

Needing to move, really move down the roadway is rare but when it is necessary, the cabbie's only alternative is to hit it, and hit it hard zooming down the byway.  There I am, sitting exhausted and half asleep on the train station when two young men stepped up, asking if I could get them to the Edmonds/Kingston ferry terminal by 2:00 PM.  It was then 1:32 PM and I said,  "I think so," but there could be no hesitation, get in.  In they jumped and off we maneuvered through the congested station and 4th Avenue traffic to the Cherry Street I-5 on-ramp.  As luck would have it the north-bound express lanes remained inexplicably closed. Initial thick traffic quickly dissipated and once past the I-5 ship canal bridge we were flying north free and relatively clear.

A Labor Day holiday scheduling mix-up meant the bus they expected to find taking them to Port Angeles and  then Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, did not arrive at King Street Station but instead would be waiting at the ferry terminal.  They were anxious but I was focused, "performance taxi" fun when called upon, blowing up usual tedium into something close to exciting, making taxi almost enjoyable despite the obvious stress of having no time but "making time" nonetheless.

At 1:54 PM we were there, everyone relieved to see that the ferry was still unloading its previous run. Getting $60.00 was great but secondary, success over an at least 20 mile city/freeway combined stretch the real point of a victorious taxi moment.  For 22 minutes I can say I had fun.  I never, almost ever can say that when driving the cab, good to know I passed taxi's instantaneous test, awarded an "A" on the taxi report card.  And as every cabbie knows, taxi is a stern teacher, no fooling around come exam time.

On Robert's Behalf, Thank You!

Last night I picked up the second week's collection for Robert Stanstell, this time coming up with $183.00, making for a total of $329.00.  I delivered it this morning.  Thanks to everyone who donated, your taxi brother appreciating your kindness and concern.

No One Likes Being Called Names

Yesterday on Pier 69 an enraged cabbie recounted how, when stopped near Pike Place Market finishing up a credit card transaction, an insane road-rager jumped out of his car and called the driver a n _ _ _ _r!   The cabbie couldn't stop expressing his anger and disbelief.  As I keep saying, welcome to taxi as it really is, not as it isn't!

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