Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Greetings From Bend, Oregon---All I Did Was Answer The Call

Sunny here in Bend.  I am on my way to Idaho and the Sawtooth Mountains where hot springs await.  This morning "she-who-can't-be-named" and I soaked in Cougar Hot Springs near Blue River.  Great water and great pools.  I am away from taxi for 12 days.  For shame!  How could I?

But getting back to said subject, after coming back from a post-Seahawk to downtown Kirkland fare, I innocently accepted a fare on Capital Hill located on Summit Avenue.  What I didn't know but soon found out was that a previous cabbie had driven away, leaving the three passengers waiting for another 45 minutes.  I was wondering why the guy jumped on 478's hood, spreading himself out like a flying bird.  I guessed there had to be some explanation and that was it: they were pissed and now I would have to share their combined anger and disappointment.

Ignoring the tattooed eagle I got out and found they had a pile of stuff to be taken to their storage locker.  Once the trunk was filled to bursting, I was told to take all three of them to the storage facility on 12th Avenue.  "Oh you mean the one on 12th and Madison, I asked"  And after receiving some odd affirmative reply from the chap once residing upon the hood, I set off.

Immediately I stated getting flack because they wanted the one at 12th and East Howell but somehow it was all now a big issue tough both facilities were only separated by about 5 blocks.  Finally I told them that I was about to take them back to Summit and they could start all over again.  It was just too crazy to continue.

That silenced them along enough to get to the storage entrance, all the while telling them I had nothing to do with the previous cab, that I didn't deserve what they were dishing out.  Taking five and five only from the ringleader, there were nothing further said.  All this bullshit was for a 7 block-long ride!  It made no sense but there you have it once again, taxi and humans-not-so kind: not always the best combination.

Can I now go soak my head?   

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