Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What If Mary And Joseph Had Failed To Present A Valid Credit Card?

Can you imagine what would have happened when instead of a warm stable, Jesus was born outside on a cold winter night, and perhaps not surviving the experience, thus upsetting all future theological plans?  Not only would we not be celebrating Christmas, the Holy Roman Empire might too not have existed; and today during these modern times, instead of the Savior Jesus, all in the western world might be worshiping Jupiter, eyes uplifted toward the fifth planet. Imagine no Christmas tree farms or the month-long onslaught of "Silent Night" and "Grandma Was Run Over By A Reindeer."  Think how much poorer we would be!

Yes what would our culture look like if Joseph hadn't been able to pay cash for the manger with its hot and cold running sheep and donkeys and oxen?  Thankfully life was simpler 2000 years ago when money was king, translating into a snug birthplace for the future King of all Mankind.

In today's America,  not having the correct piece of plastic can prevent you from renting a hotel or motel room even though you might have a million dollars in your pockets, your money alone not good enough.  In any future sequel of the nativity story, I am sure the Heavenly Father will make sure the anointed couple  has an array of cards ranging from Mastercard to American Express, knowing they could be turned away, thus delaying the awaited miraculous birth.  As for going to a hospital, this new Mary and Joseph must be on their best behavior plus having proof of medical insurance or face a similar rejection into that cold December night..  Perhaps then and only then will the Republicans  finally thank GOD for Obama-care!  I could see that included in a newly updated New Testament.

Though not a member of the Holy Family, Dan, a perfectly nice guy walking up to my cab in Ballard early Saturday morning, required, like every other human animal, shelter from that day's early morning rain and chill.   All he wanted was a room for the night, and though trying our best for almost 90 minutes, driving all over the north end---again and again turned away due to not having a credit card.  Not wearing a suit probably didn't assist in the process. Don't you know you must look culturally respectable 24/7?

The lesson driven home here was that having the money to pay meant nothing to an intractable rule barring the less privileged from the simple dignity of having a safe and comfortable bed for the night. Not having any kind of identification card results in the same, not only stopping someone from voting but also from sleeping.

Finally, $61.00 meter dollars later, we found Dan a room for two nights at the Hillside. Given the non-stop insults, Dan was fairly philosophical about the situation, accepting his current position as an outcast, a societal leper not worthy of the most basic considerations.  I personally felt he was an honorable personage, his current circumstances not worthy of faulty judgement.

What has our modern American up-to-date world become?  We all know the answer to that.  Merry Christmas everyone.  Merry full-moon Christmas, that is !  May Heaven help us, and keep you and Dan and everyone safe upon the coming new year.  And watch out for the drivers these next few lunatic days.  Believe me, they are making every effort to kill you, leading not to presents but coffins beneath the colorful, twinkling Christmas tree, Santa Claus making a poor mortician.