Tuesday, December 15, 2015

An Insistent Abigail At The Wheel

What will always be true concerning taxi is its natural creation and never ending availability of crazy and spontaneous situations occurring minus control and intention. Now while many things happen which I would rather avoid it is hard to protest when a mundane Ballard QFC grocery run blows up into a miniature carnival---a staggering drunk carrying a Christmas tree and along with a very insistent Staffordshire terrier/bulldog mix Abigail taking full advantage of the chaos by repeatedly moving to the taxi driver's seat. When this type of entertainment occurs I can only "throw up my hands" and appreciate the absolute madness of a derangement that is uniquely, and can only be, taxi.  Why worry if Abigail's muddy paws might soil the interior?   Instead of caring I should enjoy a recalcitrant pooch doing whatever it wants regardless of human concerns and commands.  Hurrah for Abigail for telling me and everyone else to go to canine hell, I'm driving this taxi to the nearest fire hydrant, and just try stopping me!  Grrr  Grrr Grrr!

David Plouffe: Barking Doggerel 

David Plouffe, Obama's gift to Uber,
last week came to town,

to announce that 14,000 thousand Uber cars
now dominate the Puget Sound,

Mister Plouffe crowing, after getting a a big raise,
having recently departed the presidential lounge;

But while he might be lacking personal ethics
you gotta say the former advisor knows how to get around,

And while he's no Donald Trump,
he's still another version of the

"I'll go anywhere if you pay me enough"

political clown

doing anyone's dirty business

minus a frown

smiling with the mayor,
making sure to remind Murray

that Uber hadn't forgotten Mister Ed's intervention

and big favor!

and Plouffes' here
just to remind there

just might be future opportunities ahead

to savor!

so remain brave and never waver,

Uber never forgetting

its favorite Seattle


Uber Union

Our friends at the Seattle City Council, maybe needing a last hurrah before fading into political obscurity, and somehow, some way feeling it necessary to bandage the open wound that was their freeing of Uber from regulatory bondage, voted yesterday to allow all local transportation independent contractors (like me) to be free to form and join in collective bargaining agreements.  Council hero Tom Rassmussen, he, as reported by a colleague, of an Uber X sign in his office when such operators were still operating illegally; spoke eloquently about labor rights and how we should respect the worker's toil and sweat and blood by giving them democracy and choice, demanding liberty and elemental  justice for all human kind.  Mayor Murray is not pleased and Uber has promised that the whole issue to headed to court.  But with a valuation of over 61 billion dollars, does anyone really think that Uber will lose out over this argument?  Maybe by the year 2051 the case will reach the United States Supreme Court and Justices Rassmussen and Murray will decide what is ultimately   right and wrong.  If you think this is a fairy tale then consult the Brothers Grimm and get back to me.  In this fairy tale the dragon, instead of being slayed, eats the good knight, and come midnight, snacks on local cabbies.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water

but Jill drowned Jack

while simultaneously

stabbing him in the back

then drove back to San Francisco

in a new Cadillac

(or was it a Toyota?)

A Birthday Tradition

Friday is my birthday.  "She who can't be named" always sends me a hand-made card which includes a newly composed inscription.  I do the same for her in January but she is surely the superior poet.  This year's poem says it all and then some. Enjoy, like I have, the sweet sentiments.

"Joe is 62

Don't you know

that it's not all for show

the pain is real

but he's no heel

He weathers the Madness!

and smiles to boot

He's sure one crazy koot

and I wish to heaven

and I wish to tell

that he escapes the



Thanks, Hound!  How can I disagree?  Yes I am certainly ready to be



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