Monday, July 6, 2015

Very Quickly---Greetings From Ashland, Oregon

Hello.  I am on the road, just having flown in to Medford.  "She-who-can't-be-named" has picked me up and soon we will be off to the Salmon River in Northern California.  4th of July was not busy until the end but anyone who knows taxi understands you need a full amd busy day to make any money.  I did have a passenger from Gasworks Park prior to the fireworks display who had been repeatedly bitten by his girlfriend.  So much for beer and fun in the sun.

During these few short allotted minutes in the Ashland library I can tell you that Google Maps lies because dispatch said 9333 International Blvd (Pacific Highway South) was a good address but I knew it couldn't be.  While going to check it out the passenger would not answer her telephone.  Finally, having detoured miles, she responded and told me that she was waiting at the Sea-Tac Comfort Inn at 19333, just as I thought.  Thankfully they were going all the way north to Pier 66, netting me $58.00 but still roaring up and down I-5 is stupid!

Ashland is home to a summer-long Shakespearean festival.  I highly recommend it.  And check out the local co-op grocery store.  It is filled with hippies, reminding me of a bygone era.  It has been a while since I have been saluted.  God I never knew I was a hippie General in the underground army chanting "We shall overcome!" 

I certainly hope so!  Shall peace reign, at least to summer's end!

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