Friday, July 3, 2015

Only One Taxi Representative At Tuesday's Taxicab Avisory Group (TAG) Meeting---Me!

Okay, I understand it's summer, and the meeting date had changed but regardless, given now that the taxi commission is in bureaucratic limbo, one would expect more interest and participation from a beleaguered taxi industry.  But no, I was it, clearly causing some wonderment about why no one other than me bothered to show up for this quarterly discussion.  With the apparent abandonment of the Seattle & King County Taxi Advisory Commission, the TAG remains our only available scheduled forum.  Of the 11 attendees, 5 were either City or County employees, leaving a paltry six from the "interested" pubic, including 2 guys from HopeLink.  As everybody knows, there are serious issues facing us but unless we participate politically we will be ignored and shoved aside.  All I will say is that some important people concerned with taxi licencing were not impressed by the lack of interest on our industry's part.  And who can blame them?  If you have ever wondered why Mayor Murray was able to maneuver the local taxi industry into a corner, what I am telling you now in the reason.  Our industry does not know where its own priories lie, letting you and me and everyone fade into the sunset like a bad Grade B western movie---we, having lost the shootout, are shown being buried with the final shovels of dirt pitched into our shallow graves. No one is mourning our demise. And all of us are just sitting there in the darkened theatre, staring at the screen, reading the final credits.  Oh well, pass the buttered popcorn!

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