Monday, December 2, 2013

O My God! I'm Married To The Cab!

While too many are clambering to get into a taxi or quasi-version the reality is that driving a cab is brutal especially when you starting stringing together a few days in a row, ensuring that all you are doing is sleeping and eating, living and breathing taxi.  Today marks my fourth day in a row, when just in over two hours I will again be beneath the top-light working the Monday night Seahawk game.  Pity the poor guys and gals who do this day in and day out, not just in Seattle but everywhere around the taxi world.  Upon dropping me off at the airport, my last Mexico City cabbie made a sign-of-the-cross with my tip in hand.  That gesture says it all.  Taxi is not heaven on earth but instead usually an urban manifested hell!  Always again, welcome to taxi as I know and hate it.

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