Monday, December 30, 2013

A Title Request: Hoping This Is My Last Renewal

"She-who-can't-be named" requested the title after I renewed  my taxi for-hire driving license for hopefully the last time.   Given that I will be seeing her on her birthday in just over two weeks, I want her to be pleased.  Of course what she really wants is to see me completely out of the business.  I am making every effort to make that happen.  As is totally clear to me, I am no longer amused.

And one reason for that is that King County issued a new directive concerning license renewals, stating you have to renew an entire month in advance, which explains why I drove downtown and plucked down my $150.00, cash only. Are they afraid our checks will bounce? 

 My warning letter was issued on December 24th.  Today is the 30th.  My license expires on January 31st.  Thanks for the advanced notice!   There were a lot of drivers renewing today.  I always enjoy rubbing elbows with my taxi brethren, my kind of worn-out people. 

My Kind of Wages!

This weekend was tough meaning I had to work extra hard to make my usual money.  By early this morning I was beaten down.  Sitting "One up" in Zone 180 (the Westlake) I was parked in front of the Holiday Inn on Dexter Avenue North cleaning out the cab. 

This couple walks up and asked where the La Quinta was?  Having a sour experience they leaped out of one taxi and wanted me to take them the rest of the way.  Since I was doing nothing I said I would take them the three blocks for nothing.  In seconds I had them at their motel.  Insisting on paying me they gave me thirty bucks and Happy New Year!  I liked that, averaging a cool $10.00 dollars per block, a salary I believe  would well support my desired lifestyle.  A few weeks of that and I would begin thinking I was Bill Gates though maybe not,  tipping better than he does.

Almost Bellingham!

Parked near the Seahawk Stadium nearing half-time I got belled-in to 1st South and South Railroad for a "take the drunk fan home!" Seahawk charge who I was told was going to the city of Bellingham, give or take 70 to 80 miles north of Seattle.  It was a screwed up call and I never found the person.  Instead Seahawk security gave me a couple going to Renton Highlands.  The boyfriend was drunk.  Thankfully his companion was sober, having only imbibed hot chocolate.

Nearing the I-5 & I-405 intersection I stopped and let him vomit upon the roadside.  You know, the roar of insane traffic flying by is something to be missed, reminding me of my youthful hitchhiking days.  They were my best fare of the weekend but Bellingham would have been wonderful, it being over ten years since I've gotten a ride up there.  Years ago I would have been depressed missing the fare but now I understand taxi and how there are no guarantees until you have the passenger in the cab.  As I tell anyone interested in hearing it, the only taxi guarantee is a swift kick in the butt!  And that my friends is the damn truth.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve

And I can only hope and pray to the taxi gods that this one is my last.  I know "she-who-can't-be-named" will concur.  Ten years ago I drove that particular holiday with the flu.  It almost killed me.  Nothing like taxi! 

And I think I am repeating myself!


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