Friday, September 14, 2012

Your Inattention Is, Ahem, Suicidal

This harangue is directed to all of you local single owners and drivers who refuse to pay attention to all of the extremely important issues that can and will affect your livelihood.  This morning on the telephone, when a taxi buddy made it clear that he didn't understand that the new meter increase and the pending raise in the leases were all connected to the L&I insurance coverage that began last January 1st, I had a rare loss of temper.  He called me when I was in the middle of working on a writing project that is causing me trouble.  But regardless of being temporarily idiotic I am genuinely frustrated by the lack of attention being paid to very important occurrences that could deeply affect the industry.

I will again spell it out quickly.  The meter and lease increases are directly related to HB 1367 (the State legislature) which authorized a series of moves resulting in all of the single owners and lease drivers being covered and protected by Labor & Industry insurance.  You got that?  Contained in HB 1367 are measures allowing meter and lease increases to cover the costs related to L&I coverage.  Do you have that?   Now if you have a serious accident your care and lost wages will be covered.  Do you understand that?  If you haven't noticed, nothing is free.

And the City Council hearings slated for September 28th are about the lease increase AND also about important new rules governing the "for-hire" vehicle industry.  Better than attending the hearing, email council member Tim Burgess at  Tell him how you feel.  Do it soon. Do it today!

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