Monday, September 24, 2012

Eleven Thousand Crashes Are Okay?

Over the local radio I heard a State of Washington official gushing over  2011 statistics that there were ONLY 11,000 vehicle accidents that year.  He thought it was a great improvement.  Maybe he owns an  auto body repair shop on the side.  His comments tell me what I have come to know: governmental attitude is at times neither correct or accurate or based on sound logic.  This week the City of Seattle city council will begin discussing a problem that the City of Seattle created, namely the poorly thought out "for-hire" vehicle industry.  That everyone (meaning both the taxi industry & the for-hires) have been victimized is not recognized.  Government cannot be a kind of party game, playing "pin-the tail-on-the-donkey" as suddenly everyone becomes the ass.  Not efficient use of time and money.

What you see in the taxi is literally everything, including the historical vestiges of the Spanish-American War.  Go back in time and the US wants Spain out of the Americas (and every place else.) They create a conflict, win Cuba and even get the Philippines.  Ever wonder why all those Americans were in the Philippines in the early part of WW II, which eventually resulted in the horrific "Bataan  Death March" where both Filipino and Americans were brutalized by the Japanese?  The Americans occupied the Philippine Islands in 1898 (Mark Twain & others protested) and during the next few years murdered over three million Filipinos whose only request was freedom.  Add American oppression and Spanish Roman Catholicism and what you get are two culturally destroyed Filipino women who despite my best efforts cannot comprehend that I both knew where 910 Marion is and how to get there.  With more time I could do (and would like to) a comprehensive analysis of the women's neurological makeup and how it intrudes in their decision making.  Instead I will just say that it isn't reasonable to perform what I would call "cultural lobotomies."  Back in 1976 I actually worked with a woman who had been "administered" an "ice pick" lobotomy.  What was done in the 1950s was literally to take a sharp object and scramble the frontal lobe.  What a wonderful medical procedure.  In a real sense that is what happened to these women.  Not quite a pretty picture as the Ramones "I am a Teenage Lobotomy!"  Life isn't always a joke.  I'm not laughing.  I will tell you that.


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