Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Twelve Hours of Sleep Later: A Continuation from Yesterday

Rereading my last "objective" paragraph from yesterday's posting reminds me of my initial statement in the opening paragraph, that rant is almost natural when taxi shenanigans is the subject line.  Though what I said is totally true, my aim was thorough analysis not the repeating that all cabbies are ersatz criminals because simply that isn't the case.  What I wanted to explain is how the pressures of this infernal business can and will warp the mind of the most wonderful and consistent human being.  To describe it another way, the human species wasn't designed to drive taxi, not leastwise as we know it now in the modern era.  What is occurring inside that taxi is the buffeting of the human heart and mind and body and soul by a merciless wind composed of too many hours and erroneous opinion and heartless traffic and the insane pressure to monetarily maximize every minute and hour you are out there.  Read that sentence a few times over so it transfixes in your brain the typical and everyday taxi reality.  This daily beating distorts the senses, creating an unfortunate incoherency which was exemplified by the bone marrow incident. Nothing about that story makes sense other than the poor judgement was motivated by something almost beyond individual control.  In the taxi world there is no such judgement as not guilty by reason of temporary insanity though perhaps there should be. All three incidents described yesterday held elements of that kind of temporal imbalance.  While the first two were inexcusable given the possible worse consequences involved, their actions are understandable when you add the relentless pressure I have described.  That influence is what besides the gasoline is powering the airport taxis down the highway zigzagging in heavy traffic at 80-90 mph back to Sea-Tac.  Their actions have literally flown past commonsense but they have their explanation.  Taxi has distorted their reason and they are now insane.  Comforting, isn't it?  And if it isn't, expect more chilling taxi realities in future posting causing pause and hesitation upon entering your next taxi ride home.


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