Monday, July 30, 2012

How Driver's REALLY Feel About Taxi

This posting is just a brief hello with a more sustained entry coming during my train ride north this upcoming Friday, a comment from my taxi buddy John last night at Hing Loon catching my attention.  He said that the long-time cabbie sharing his taxi is trying to make this his last year in the business.  After this past Saturday night's Seafair parade and torchlight run, he made comment that he just can't take these ________ passengers any longer.  Enough! is his attitude.  John and I just nodded our heads while talking about his friend.  We all know the reality.  My first fare Sunday morning just couldn't stop himself even after I pulled over and said, enough!  He laughed and roared and I just gave up. He wasn't such a bad guy.  Just a fool, that's all.  He gave me a good tip even though I didn't have to jump start his vintage Corvette.  Yes, this is how we feel and I am doubtful that it will be changing anytime soon, humanity just peeking out of the cave, blinking and rubbing their eyes in the twenty-first century sunshine.  Remember that 60s pop song "In the Year 2525" by Zager & Evans?  Kind of sums up the taxi reality that we all share and know and despise!

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