Friday, April 27, 2012

Taxi Drivers Everywhere! & I Hate This When This Happens!

Greetings from San Francisco.  She who cannot be named and I have been camping and hiking in Henry Coe State Park about 70 miles south of here plus ambling about both the city here and in Berkeley.  Monday evening we were walking up from the 24 & Mission BART station when my tired self was nearly run over by a speeding Ford Escape Hybrid taxi going perhaps 55 mph in a 30 mph zone.  Maybe it wasn't that close but she was duly alarmed.  I just had to quickly limp out of the way. And referring to past observations relating to industry folks who feel they can say anything, it is clear that taxi drivers in general and particular feel they can do anything including driving like complete fools, their insular reality the only one counting in this human universe. As we got up to Church Street I saw another taxi going 40 mph and understand this is crowded and dense San Francisco.  As much as I love my taxi comrades I also on many levels think they are complete idiots. Why do I have that impression!?

How I hate.........

Last Saturday morning I started off with an airport run.  Great!  Coming back I see that zone 285 (Beacon Hill) is open so I do my "soon-to-clear" and end up first both there and the adjacent 286 (the VA hospital). Terrific except 30 minutes later I am literally talking out loud to myself with the above quote.  Fares are happening everywhere but there.  Maddening!  Finally after 45 minutes I head for the University District and find myself first car to go but oh no! suddenly a cancellation in front of me and now I am second up.  Frustration but eventually I get another Sea-Tac run, leveling out the missed hour.  Ah yes, nothing like silent misery!

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