Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Before I Sleep: SafeCo & Professor Mass

Briefly, very briefly as I have had little sleep the past four nights though getting things done. Met this morning with Kenny Pittman and two officials from Seattle Dept of Transportation and it appears progress was made concerning stand or stands for the upcoming major league baseball season.  It was a good session where I was able to accurately describe the reality and needs of the average cabbie.  I will keep everyone updated upon this always important issue. Thanks again, Kenny!

To say that we had a disappointing turnout for the "black ice" seminar presented by Professor Cliff Mass.is a huge understatement. The lecture itself was excellent and will be used in future training.  I admit I was surprised by the low turnout.  It says nothing good when the death of a driver is not motivation enough to educate oneself thus potentially avoiding a similar fate.  For all of the drivers and owners who were working the day shift I can excuse them.  Nothing harder than to stop what you are doing in the middle of a shift.  But for the others not to take this opportunity was sheer foolishness.  It was free and could save their lives and prevent their children from going fatherless. All they had to do was show up and listen. Unbelievable!


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