Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Taxi: "It's Gambling!"

While my brother Steve and I were driving near downtown Toledo, Ohio on a fine, early Spring afternoon and talking about taxi he suddenly exclaimed, "It's gambling!" and truly I couldn't have put it better because everyday you throw your dice upon the taxi streets hoping to come up with some nice numbers.  Each day or night is self-made.  You can never  completely know what is going to happen, or using the gambling analogy further, what cards you will be dealt.  Of course every cabbie  anywhere in the world knows this.  It is their creed. You can not force it, as the cabbies in Malta tried, literally chasing you down the street; or in Lima, Peru, blocking your way as you wandered in the airport.  Better to take it as it comes.  Like Steve says, it is a gamble.  My advice will always be to either play the game properly or get out.  Cheaters end up with a sore nose.  That is guaranteed!  Taxi has its own innate honesty, and justice!


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