Monday, March 19, 2012

Building Up To Something

I could tell, once again, after visiting my friend Frank, who is rehabbing from complications related to diabetes, that I have had enough of taxi.  The question is, just what will I do about that obvious fact?  Visiting Frank appears to bring out the complaint in me, probably because we have a similar knowledge and attitude toward taxi.  He actually has more years in the industry than I have though he hasn't driven beneath the top light for over two decades. Currently he is the resident computer hound and works in the Yellow HopeLink accounts office.  Frank has a unique position in my mind having survived a gun blast inches from his head.  His hearing in that particular ear remains impaired.  Frank understands taxi thoroughly and the endemic madness peculiar to the occupation.  It's rare that I trust someones' knowledge.  Frank knows the territory which allows me to vent my frustrations, and believe me, they are legion. Taxi drives me wild, and I am feral to begin with.  Doesn't take much to get me going.

The money was excellent this weekend, in a sense a personal record given I am now starting later since Jack's death.  A combination of events, including a Saint Patrick's Saturday night threw folks into the taxi.  I did 61 fares that day, totalling up to 84 for the weekend, translating into 3 full trip sheets plus 8 fares.  61 isn't my record but it is close. Sunday I had a $110. fare including tip.  All of this is great but unfortunately devoid of personal meaning.  Clearly I will be accelerating my other writing projects.  Nonsense is nonsense and taxi for me now represents the nonsensical.

Tomorrow the taxi advisory commission is holding a special session addressing the proposed meter increases that are related to the Labor & Industry decision.  I will probably have some commentary upon that later this week.

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