Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Marooned In Howe, Indiana On A Greyhound Bus

Greetings from Toledo, Ohio.  I am in my ancestral home town visiting my cousin Ed. Two weeks ago I was sitting on a California hillside basking in the sun.  This week I have been walking through minus 25 below temperatures counting the windchill. It has been a long time since I have experienced such cold.  It is a revelation.  Arriving in Chicago yesterday I walked up from the El Clinton Street station into a sub-Arctic blast.  Walking the three blocks to the Greyhound Bus station where my old friend Marty was waiting, I wondered if I would survive.  Two frozen cabs waited in front.  What amazingly chilly weather.

Our bus ride yesterday to Toledo was proceeding well until, once past South Bend, the driver announced that she had noticed various engine warning lights and that we might have to wait for another bus to continue us on our way.  I could not help thinking that for the past few months YC 478 has had three warning lights on the console telling me what I am not sure.  Old cabs are like that, especially cars with over 350,000 miles on it.  Feeling the need to be cautious the bus driver stopped at a roadside way stop and there we all waited.  I enjoyed my conversation with the three Amish farmers.  Finally we arrived in Toledo  at 4:00 AM.  What a night and journey.

Tonight I will refrain from all overt taxi topics.  All the issues I have addressed the past months remain.  Yet another Seattle City Council meeting concerning taxi happens on this upcoming Thursday afternoon.  I am glad to miss it.  I am tired talking about all of it and listening to comments from the blissfully uninformed.  An article in the Monday Seattle Times said the ride-shares are taking over King County. The article stated that, like the City of Seattle, King County enforcement officials are doing nothing about it.  Like I said last week, what in the frozen hell is going on?   I am sure I will pick up the theme next week.  I'd rather talk about faithful cats.  Far more interesting to me.

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