Monday, January 27, 2014

A Story From Last Week: Monty & Boots

It was very late early Sunday morning and I was taking Monty home from a hospital to the East Hill of Kent, Washington.  He was disoriented and wrapped in a thin blanket.  He is dying from liver cancer.  He told me some of his current issues but I found it so painful I couldn't hear it. 

Arriving at his house silhouetted in the large plate glass window was the faithful Boots waiting for Monty's return.

"He has four white paws." Monty said as we walked together to the door.

Once Monty entered the house, Boots bounded from the window to greet him, a glimpse of life rarely seen, sweetness early in the morning.  I wish both of them the best.

From "Puss In Boots" by Clara Doty Bates

"She stretched, and began to pull,
Then came to her master's knee,
And, looking slyly up, began:
"Pray be content with me!
Get me a pair of boots ere night,
And a bag, and it will be all right."

Taken from a story "Le Maitre Chat" by Charles Perrault

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