Monday, August 6, 2012

"We All Do This!" Quoth the "CNG For Hire" Driver 2_ _ _

Now I am peeved.  I have had enough of government first creating the problem and now not doing enough to close the box that they alone opened.  An incident early Saturday evening sealed the deal upon my irritation.  En route southbound with passengers down second avenue a gentleman was flagging at the SW corner of 2nd & Pike. Simutaneously I noticed that the "for hire" vehicle just to my left was attempting to move over and pick him up.  I tapped my brakes blocking him from entering my lane. Remaining persistent, I again tapped my brakes, keeping him parallel to my car until we were both well past the intersection.  My passengers were interested in the performance and I briefly explained that he was attempting to pick-up illegally.  For whatever reason I got a nine dollar tip.  Perhaps they enjoy high-performance driving better suited for fictional film scripts, certainly not something proper or advised for Seattle's mundane streets.

A few minutes later I witnessed the same driver talking to the doorman at the hotel located at 3rd and Cherry.  As I drove past he too pulled off and we both turned onto Fourth Avenue.  Stopped at the light I briefly told him that I would be calling Abdul (owner of CNG For Hire) and telling him about the incident.  This is when the perfectly nice guy exclaimed "We all do this!" meaning that all of his "for hire" comrades are illegally picking up off of the street.  It was quite the spontaneous admission.  At tomorrow's taxi commission meeting I will be bringing this situation up. Seattle and King County created this monster.  Now they have to dismantle it.  I have been asked to create a petition which I will be doing on Wednesday.  If local government does not react quickly I will be attempting to organize some "wildcat" actions that will be designed to garner much local media attention.  The time for being nice is over.  I follow the rules and I expect everyone else to do the same.  That will be the only acceptable storyline.  And now I will go to sleep.  Two consecutive 90 plus degree days and nearly 78 fares has taken its toll. Pillow here I come.

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