Friday, August 3, 2012

No WiFi on the Coast Starlight

Of all the Oregon trains I could have chosen I got the only one without Web/Internet capacity, the Coast Starlight originating out of Los Angeles. Bad luck so this entry is more than brief especially since the damn train was over two hours late arriving in Tacoma.  At least I got to add to the local taxi economy by taking a quick ride home from the station. Great guy with eight years of combined experience between LA and Tacoma.  He asked if there was a lot of money to be made in Seattle as opposed to Tacoma.   Yes, I replied, the professional Seattle cabbie makes a bit.

Next week then I will have much to catch up on including my lazing around near an Oregon river. But I must relate the best kind of ride one can get from last weekend, the speedy and profitable variety.

I picked up the nice young man on northern Beacon Hill going to Massachusetts for a favorite uncle's funeral when pulling up to Sea-Tac he said oh no! as I said I think we can do it flying back to pick up his suit in a mere 27 minutes round trip.  Leaving the airport at 7:48 AM I got him back again at 8:15 AM and just enough time to catch his 9:00 AM flight.  It was a rare opportunity to show my stuff, and $110.00 to crow about, all in about a grand total of sixty minutes more or less.  I do what I can when it is necessary.  Always the taxi credo!

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