Monday, June 4, 2012

The Deadly UBI: The Menancing Monster?

An impolitic remark persuaded me to apply for my UBI number.  What is that?  The UBI is a Washington State Department of Revenue issued registration number.  The initials UBI represent the term "Unified Business Identifier" and it is given out after "a business owner" applies for a Washington business license.  This is required of all business licenses statewide which evidently includes those independent contractors known locally as lease taxi drivers.  That in nearly 25 years of driving taxi and never being told in any direct way that this was required says, as I keep relating, everything about taxi and nearly everything I don't want to know about local government and their attitudes toward the industry.  I called the 800 number and the pleasant voice is sending me the "taxi packet."  What is somewhat (or completely humorous) parallel is Labor & Industry's insistence that we are "covered workers", an incongruity implying that we are covert employees. You decide if this is some kind of inherent contradiction.  Of course I am biased and feel totally convinced,

I am also getting my UBI in preparation for the City of Seattle city council hearing on the meter increase that is scheduled for Wednesday.  As I keep saying, this all appears to be a matter of definition.  I hope the good council members agree with me otherwise they better have a very plausible explanation why all of us should keep obtaining annual City business license and filling out those yearly tax forms.  All of this seems to me like a comedy routine or is this just government business as usual?  We shall see.

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