Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Instead Of A Taxicab, Boeing Wants To Take You Downtown In An All-Electric, Self-Flying Pilotless Air Taxi & Where Did Destiny Go? & Twice On Sunday, Drivers Tried To Kill Me

Are eVTOL Electric Flying Cars Your Future Urban Taxicab?  

Yes, it's true, Boeing, in partnership with Wisk Helicopter Company, has developed an autonomous vertical take-off and landing fling machine dubbed the Cora, and sometime in the near future, it might do what standard cabs can never do: fly you over the traffic to your local downtown, bypassing all the vehicles jammed up on the freeways, freeing you like some kind of human bird taking you to your urban nest.  I recommend watching the videos at https://wisk.areo.  And Cora is painted yellow, just like its earthbound brethren.   Whether this happens anytime soon, I can't tell you, but unlike the flying cars in the  cartoon "Jetsons," there is the real issue of air traffic control and how to manage low altitude flying objects.  Wisk says Cora is safe, 1,500 test flights later.  Who wants to be a cab driver when Cora is around winking at you?

Women Continue to be Trafficked on Aurora Avenue North

Last week on a warm July evening there must have been 30 or more hookers walking on the west side of Aurora between North 95th and North 140th, almost all new faces.  What this tells me is what the City of Seattle continues to ignore: these women are being shuttled from city to city, trafficked by pimps.  And who was Destiny and where is she now?

Destiny (not her real name) was a young Turkish sex worker who I transported a few times from a seedy motel to a MacMansion in Redmond, Washington.  This big house had a big water fountain in the driveway.  On our rides we would talk about Istanbul, having been there  twice in 1999.  I never inquired about how she got involved in the sex trade.  But suddenly she was gone, alive, dead, I will never know.    Allowing this bullshit to continue is immoral.  Nothing more to be said.  God Damn! it needs to stop!

2 Near Serious Accidents

The first fool flew blindly out into the street, and without my quick reaction, I wouldn't be here typing. With my cab sideways, the idiot acted like he had done nothing wrong but my leaping out shouting got his immediate attention as he roared off.  When you almost kill me I expect some kind contrition, damn you!

The second incident, which would have smashed my driver-side door, appropriately occurred at the University of Washington Medical Center ER, when, as I was pulling out of the circular driveway, this huge out-of-service ambulance made straight for me, disregarding my right-of-way.  Slamming the brakes, I survived.  Looking on the bright side, I was mere feet way from medical care.  Lucky me!

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  1. With all the rampant drug sales and prostitution so free and out in the open in the public eye, you wonder what kind of cut the powers that be are getting from this type of activity.

    And then who is actually going after the big fish responsible for bringing the drugs and women into and out of town daily? With all that happens daily, those at the top of these operations have to be making an immense profit that can't simply be hidden under a rug or mattress.

    Has anyone followed the money all the way?