Friday, January 21, 2022

Confusing Online Taxi Portals & Too Many Potholes & Last Two Fares Saturday Night & A Photograph From 1973 And Two Taxis & Only The 45th Worst?

 Online Processing is Great if you know how to Navigate the Process 

Yes, the online portals presented by both the City/County and PSD (Seattle Yellow Cab) are theoretically more efficient but it hasn't worked out that way so far because few if any of us really understand or know how to navigate what is being presented to us.  Last week I wanted to renew my taxi for-hire, and finding myself stymied by something I didn't understand, it took the direct intervention of Kathleen K. from King County to get me through the process.  And while I am not in any manner a computer whiz, ten years ago I was able to understand enough to assist in the online process of publishing my last book.  So my comment to everyone was basic: if I am having issues, what about everyone else?

And in terms of Yellow, while understanding why they want everyone to communicate online, assuring that everyone first have the consummate skills to navigate their portal would make compete sense.  I was initially bewildered but maybe I figured it out but I am not fully convinced. 

Yes, the pandemic has turned everything upon its head but as I keep suggesting over and over, commonsense must prevail when decisions affecting large numbers of people are concerned.  Theory is great but practicality is even better.

Ice is not Nice where Roadways are Concerned

The recent snow and ice storm created a series of potholes rarely seen in Seattle and area, melted water freezing at night, bursting holes and cracks large and small in the local streets.  At one point there were over 700 potholes awaiting repair.  Important to note if your car is ever damaged by a pothole, you have the ability to claim damages and seek payment.  Never doubt that the City of Seattle cares about you, or at least have them prove it by paying for your flat tires and bent wheels.

Passengers Need their Cab Regardless of the Hour

Servicing our passengers should be of the utmost importance day and night, early or late.  I mention these two fares to illustrate our quality of service or lack of it.

The first fare was in Chinatown, an elderly woman arranging her time-call for 10:00 PM.  She was overjoyed I got there a few minutes early as she has waited in the past for as long as two hours for her cab.  I took her to 17th & East Madison by a quick route unfamiliar to her.  This is how it should be the majority of time, quick and easy, not slow and laborious.  She tipped me five. 

Second was a 10:20 PM time call at North 148th & Meridian, a worker going to her night shift at Foss Home, North 130th and  Greenwood.  She is having trouble getting there on time.  Recently a nurse had to leave the facility to pick her up at home and bring her back for her shift.  Another driver told her he didn't have change for her $20 bill and took it all but her fare was only $12.00.  I got her there on time and said give me ten, that's all.  This kind of crap shouldn't be happening but it does, over and over and over again.

Two Cabs 1973

Last week in the NY Times Business Section, there was an article about gas prices and supply featuring a photograph of cars lined up at a gas station during the Mideast Oil Embargo.  It got my notice because one of the cars waiting in line was a Checker Cab.  And tooling down the street was some kind of Chevrolet used as a cab, what year and model I couldn't figure out but it was a BIG car, similar to all those other big American cars waiting for gasoline.  In the photo I did see two VW bugs but the rest were those giant American cars popular in that era, no Toyotas anywhere. 

Washington State: Not a good place to drive or own a car

A recent poll said WA ST was only the 45th worst state to drive around in out of 50.  What happened to my vote?  The poll was stolen!  Tell Donald!

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