Friday, August 20, 2021

No Compliments Please, Money Instead The Best Commentary Concerning Your Ride & Dead Drunk In Queens & Hard To Get A Taxi In Pacific, Missouri

 Not Praise, $$$$

It may seem impolite or uncouth but spare me the lavish compliments and covering, instead, my sweaty palms with greenbacks.  I say this because yesterday Puget Sound Dispatch sent out a fleet message praising two cabbies for good service rendered to some account customers, thinking somehow this alone, this "pat-upon-the-head" was "just reward" enough for simply being professional, doing what you are supposed to do, all the while smiling, not snarling.  I say, hell with that, give the guys money or a break on their dispatch fees.  In this business, that is how to show your appreciation, because it is money that motivates us and little else.  Yesterday I got a $70.00 tip, and you know what, did I really deserve it?  Of course not!  But I was damn happy to receive it.  Yes, even I can fake generosity when in reality I am the worst Scrooge, stealing your Christmas pudding.  And it is still summertime August. Enjoy Sunday's full moon.

Two News Items from that rag, the New York Post

Not Drunk, Dead

A NYC cabbie, plying the streets of Queens, picked up what he thought was an inebriated passenger but instead, was in a fatal state, dying in his cab. Rushing the passenger to a hospital, the customer was DOA. The article doesn't mention if he was paid for his troubles.

There is one VERY dumb taxi company owner in Missouri

Charlie Bullington, owner of Yo Transportation Service in Pacific, Missouri (suburban Saint Louis), he of a small fleet of pink painted cabs, has a message for anyone interested in using his taxi service: if you wear a mask or have received your coronavirus vaccination, he will not allow you into one of his cabs.  That's right, he would rather you spread the virus to his drivers than take precautions to protect yourself and others. Yesterday I transported, on a King County account, a COVID-19 infected passenger to a quarantine center in Issaquah, Washington.  Both of us were double- masked while she wore gloves.  What would Charlie the Bull have done?  Why get sick and die, that's what.  And as the saying goes, doing us all a "big favor."


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