Saturday, March 27, 2021

United Kingdom Uber Drivers Now Designated As "Workers" & More Call Takers At Puget Sound Dispatch & New York City Taxi 1976

Uber Duber comes out of its Stupor

On Tuesday, March 16, 2121, Uber announced, after initially saying it wouldn't, that it was reclassifying its more than 70,000 British drivers as "workers," meaning they are now eligible for minimum wage, vacation pay and pension benefits.  In the UK, there are two employment categories, "worker" and "employee," the British high court deciding that Uber operators fit the lesser role, translating into fewer protections and benefits.  Starting April 1st, the British minimum wage for those over age 25 will be 8.91 British pounds, or about $12.40.  For anyone keeping track, Uber reported a loss of 6.8 billion dollars in 2020.

And for those wanting to be sick to your stomach, read, like I did, Uber's CEO's opinion piece in "The Evening Standard."  My less than humble opinion?  Dara Khosrowshahi is an insufferable ass! 

PSD News

A question heating my mind is finally answered.  The PSD board is not taking profits during this, our season of discontent.  That's very good news and I will take my source's word for it. 

Also, the dispatch fee is returning to $180.00 per week.  PSD says it needs the money.  I don't like it but I agree, they do require increased income because they will be adding more dispatch staff both in Seattle and the Philippines.  

Currently there are 131 Yellow Cabs.  The cap is 160.  Please return. We need you!   Remember when we had over 525 cabs and day and night shifts?  I do!  Thanks for nothing Uber and Lyft and the Seattle City Council.  Screw you!

Oh the good old days of NYC cabbies!

On pages four and five, in chapter 1, "The Real New York," in the 1976 Time-Life "The Great Cities" series, first there is a full page, glossy color photograph of a "real" NY cabbie and then the following caption written by, of all people, Anthony Burgess:

"Hardened to the hazardous ways of his world, a New York City cab driver bites on the stump of his cigar while waiting for a traffic light to change.  About 12,000 licensed cabs, painted yellow for visibility, cruise the city's streets, their drivers as willing to listen to their passenger's troubles as to tell their own."

That's wonderful, and the picture is great!  Will I some day look like him?

Johnson & Johnson 2 weeks ago

I am now part of the only 14% of the American public that are fully vaccinated.   J&J is one dose effective, meaning that should be it unless new virus variants begin raging terror upon the recently vaccinated.