Friday, January 8, 2021

At Least 80 Masks And Counting & My Kind Of Crazed Personal & Two Parks Hiding In Shoreline

Too Many Masks

At this rate, handing out masks daily, I'm gonna begin thinking that my fellow humans just don't know there is a serious pandemic coursing across planet earth, killing so many who didn't have to die, didn't want to die but die they did, and continue, 4000 Americans dying yesterday.  Is that possible?  How is that possible but true it is, all the early warnings becoming reality hitting us squarely in the face, a fierce wind reddening the skin.  Or maybe living in your own very personal dreamland is soothing to the misguided soul coughing, spitting up blood---bright red berries upon the Christmas season green holly tree: dead is the body, dead is the mind but alive is the ignorance that's anything but sublime!


I had given him my business card a couple months ago, a passenger heading up to North Bothell from Ballard, a more or less seventy-five dollar fare, something to remember, which I did.  Late last Saturday he called me back for the first time, saying he wanted to go to a porno shop and giving me $200.00 upfront to take him there and back.  Up to Bothell I went and it was all true except the joint was closed, taking him home and happy to do it, the gentleman saying he might try again on Sunday.  And he did call, and again up I went, getting another $200.00, transporting D. to the now open store, mission accomplished, whatever the mission was.  

Ring, ring goes my telephone Wednesday afternoon, and can I? and yes I can, picking D. up and once again handed $200.00, taking him to his friend Louie's, Louie jumping into the cab and all of us going to Seattle's oldest Chinese restaurant, Tai Tung, ordering takeout and back to Louie's we went. They left the cab, leaving me two delicious dishes and two hundred dollars.  I like this!  Regrettable that you drink too much but hey, you can call me anytime.  Six hundred easy dollars in a five-day span.  Wowie yowie!

2 Parks just North of Seattle

I'd be amiss if I didn't include some parks in the greater Seattle vicinity because there are many great places to get out and enjoy bits and pieces of the great Northwest not totally destroyed by developers.  Thankfully, Bill Boeing, he of the aircraft company, saved some of his vast forest tract for you and me, Boeing Creek Park, 12729 3rd Avenue NW the result.  It's a big place, 88 more or less acres to get lost in.  I especially like the trail along the creek, a very rough, almost treacherous path wet and slippery, providing the idea that you are somewhere deep in the mountains when its obvious you remain close to the confounding modern world.  Enjoy some of the original giant Douglas Firs. Hug them, love them, having been spared from logging long ago.

Meridian Park, 16765 Wallingford Avenue North, is a postage-sized park containing a circular path taking you through a small wet land.  That's pretty much it but I think it's special, a nice tiny getaway from suburban banality. Good place to walk the dog. Unlike Boeing Creek, this park is easy to find.  Turn west off of Meridian onto North 170th and you will head directly to it.  Enjoy!


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