Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Doggerel---A Merry Woof Woof To You! & A Post-Birthday Surprise: A Fare To Pasco, Washington & Uber Driver Stabbed To Death In Issaquah

Donald & Mitch & Nancy's Special Seasonal Rhyme Just for You, Wishing You the Best Though the Rent is Due

Merry Christmas, oh deer!

Saint Rudolf, where are you flying this expectant midnight clear?

Where is the Congressional stimulus, where is the Corona beer?

Can we expect our governmental Santa to bring us Yuletide cheer?

And is it true, the mad elf Trump promising all those extra bucks,

two thousand dollar checks transported beneath the tree in USPS trucks?

Or is Christmas 2020 only another enormous political lie,

Pumpkin and Mincemeat pie in the pastry sky,

No happy American families rallying 'round the eggnog tree,

Instead crying in sad unison, their holiday festivities cut off at the bureaucratic 


 A Good Trip to Eastern Washington

Regular readers might remember my wonderful Hopelink fare to SW Washington approximately three months ago, the kind of long distance fare all cabbies dream about on chilly, wind blown nights.  This past Saturday, the day after my 67th birthday, I received my biggest fare so far these many years, a $614.80 Hopelink ride from the University of Washington Medical Center to Pasco, Washington, a town located way down on the Columbia River, a few miles north of the Oregon border.  If there was a negative, it was I-90/Snoqualmie Pass closing up behind me, forcing me to first drive west to Portland, then taking 1-5 the rest of the way back to Seattle.  

The drive in total was beautiful, bringing back memories of January 10th, 1973, when me and my cat Sniffer crossed the Columbia River during my move from Denver to Seattle, the rain-kissed green hills bordering the north side of the river impressive, making me think of Ireland, and indeed visiting that  Emerald Isle in July 1991.  Oh if only every day could be a Pasco Day, it would chase my taxi sorrows away!

Uber Driver Murdered in Issaquah, Washington on December 13th

A young couple from Nevada, in a misguided attempt to hijack an Uber operator, repeatedly stabbed Cherno Ceesay in the neck and head, killing him instantly before his vehicle ran off the road into a tree.  Ceesay, a 28 year old emigrant from the West African country, The Gambia, was an aspiring professional soccer player hoping to play for his home country.  Two days later the couple were arrested and are now in custody, each held under a two million dollar bail.  When these kind of incidents occur, I always question how prepared the victim was before deciding to drive professionally upon the streets of Anywhere, USA, perhaps not understanding the inherent risks involved allowing complete strangers into your car, Ceesay's death yet another sad note souring an individual exuberant song sung by someone simply wanting to live and be happy.  You must be careful is all I can say, another person's insanity taking your life away. 

Seward Park: A good place to walk

This week's "Seattle park of the Week" is a tiny peninsula jutting out in the southern end of Lake Washington, making it the perfect place to experience the lake without getting your feet wet, your walk a big circle either north or south, taking you east.  There are beaches, there is a play field and there is Seattle's Audubon Center where you can find out about the birds flying in that part of Seattle.  There are a number of ways to reach the park but maybe the easiest and quickest is to head east down South Orcas Street because it takes you directly to the park.  And once there, if inspired, you can keep walking down Lake Washington Blvd north or south taking you where you might want to go, enjoying the shoreline despite the speeding cars and intrepid bicyclists requesting your attention.


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