Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Supreme Irony Of Taxi Designated As An Essential Service---We The Newly Anointed

Yes, if you can believe it, because I still can't, that it is indeed true in the State of Washington, taxis are now considered essential to the well-being and health of the overall community, my disbelief stemming from my long years of harassment and targeting by local police and government, exemplified most recently by discovering I cannot park my taxi legally anywhere upon the streets in the City of Bellevue.  Having referenced this in earlier posts, my court date is now rescheduled for July 31th, 2020, finding myself looking forward to the Mayor of Bellevue and other city officials explaining to the judge why taxis are accorded this especial criminal category---cabbies somehow a shameful blot staining Bellevue's streets and byways, requiring a general segregation from normal and usual liberties.

Given this background, and the reality of receiving dozens of moving violations by local-area police over the years, I can only smile when acknowledging a recognition previously denied me and my fellow taxi ruffians.  Now, very suddenly, we hold importance, obtaining a status parallel to doctors and nurses making us frontline warriors, our lives and the threat of contracting the coronavirus secondary to all other duties, societal expectations excluding all other personal considerations. Again, I find this transformation breathtaking, elevating the dalit (untouchable) to the brahmin something even Lord Krishna couldn't contemplate, short-circuiting the karmic/reincarnate cycle---the cockroach now instantaneously a soaring eagle.

Yes, that new ranking, along with the very real prospect, percentage-wise, of being exposed to the novel coronavirus, makes working out here upon the street surreal, a progressive, active hallucination of negative consequences dancing upon sidewalks and roadways, the next passenger, the next moment potentially leading to debilitation and death.  But yes, despite that chilling reality, dialysis and cancer patients still requiring their vital, life sustaining treatments, for once making us cabbies a recognizable resource for the greater societal good, providing necessary transport upon and over the viral byways.


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