Monday, February 3, 2020

Rainy Season Taxi Doggerel & A Good Mechanic Gone Wrong?

By 6:00 PM Friday, January 31th, the Sea-Tac rain gauge (official Seattle statistic) registered 9.15 inches, with six hours left to the month to add to the total.  It has been wet, with local creeks and river flooding.  Has the weather slowed down the manic drivers?  Of course not, why use caution when instead you can crash and die, leading to sorrow and early graves?  In celebration of the sodden season, I offer doggerel for this rainy, dumbbell political impeachment season, where honesty evaporates into thin air and all that's left is a governmental cupboard bereft of anything good, empty of reality, not at all interested in causality, with us the American public, and our democracy, the casualties.

                                                       Rain, Rain soaking

                                                       my sorry taxi brain,

                                                   certainly an occupational hazard

                                                  hydrocephalus, waterlogged

                                                  and dim, my thoughts filled to

                                                                their brim

                                                           by daily showers

                                                     obscuring windshield and

                                                  strained eyes crying unimpeded,

                                                    ---my sight, my cranium

                                                        fogged during a season

                                            minus any true sense and coherent reason,

                                                               Senate politicians

                                              cavorting like synchronized dishonest dancers

                                                      choreographed in tandem and mayhem

                                                  chaperoned by the ghost of good, old dead

                                                                  Jackie Gleason.

During my "when I was a kid" television viewing days, I marveled at the kaleidoscopic choreography of the "Jackie Gleason Show" dancers, thus a reference you find befuddling you.  And again, doggerel isn't to be taken too seriously, written upon a wish and a whim and a star.

Pham's Complete Auto Repair & Service

It's a sad story I must relate, liking and respecting Pham and his wife but I will never be taking my cars back to him.  The reason?  A simple oil change turned into something unexpected, the consequences unnecessary and troublesome.  This short story began in November when stopping at Pham's to have my 2012 Chevrolet Sonic oil changed before I drove down to San Francisco.  Pham's mistake was letting his son do it, and in the process, I watched him break the top of the oil filter holder.  Okay, now I am delayed, and worse, Pham charges me for the replacement part.  I didn't like it but I paid and went on my way.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of the tale.

About 3 weeks ago, I began smelling burning oil.  Having Gill's shop check it out, Jim spent a 1/2 hour thoroughly examining the car but couldn't find the source.  The problem continued, and Gill said take it back to Pham, as I felt the problem was somehow related to the new oil filter holder.  Pham looked it over but ignored my suspicion, instead thinking it was a leaky seal, costing $2-300. to fix.  Going back to Gill, he said, "Leave it with us for a day."  and I did.

What did they discover?  The cap was leaking.  Replacing the cap, the problem was solved.  Taking the cap back to Pham, he was less than responsive, acting like he didn't fully remember, even saying his son didn't remember, and this is the same Pham I have given over $7000.00 dollars to for the purchase of the car, a later replacement transmission, 4 new tires etc.  All I was requesting was some accountability.  That it wasn't provided means I am done with Pham, not pleased that he can't take responsibility for something caused solely by his shop.

Again I like Pham.  I respect Pham.  But I am done, resenting anyone screwing around with my Sonic, a car costing me $18,000.  Thank goodness I have Gill & Jim to rely upon.  They are honest.  They don't make excuses.  That's all I can ask for.

RIP Sen Lu YC 382

Yesterday, longtime cabbie Sen Lu died at home, experiencing a fatal heart attack.  He was only 53 years old. Condolences to his family.

As all of us know, taxi is an unhealthy business. So long, Sen Lu, you will be missed.







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