Sunday, September 15, 2019

More Upon Paul Roberts' Taxi Article But First, Why Taxi Is Sometimes Okay

Yes, first is right, trying to write this in 55 minutes.  Yeah that's right, taxi at this juncture, less than less but still, picking up my first student run of the new school year Tuesday morning, making cab okay when the Somali mother showed such grave concern for her disabled son, with me transporting the child to a special education school in Renton.  I called her back, telling her we had arrived safely.  Mostly, taxi is nothing times nothing but that morning meant something important and good and meaningful.

That took five minutes.  Now to that Seattle Times article.  The reason Roberts wrote it is because the City of Seattle is considering ways to somehow mitigate, assuage the harm done by them to the local taxi industry.  Roberts was somehow attempting to explain the trials and tribulations faced by us but didn't help much by referring that we have made it a habit of refusing to provide "short destination" rides, along with the insult saying how we "scam " drunks, libelous comments to be sure.

I asked him to retract his comments but I knew he (the Seattle Times) wouldn't do it.  Why would they want to right an egregious wrong while simultaneously placating us?  No reason whatsoever is the sorry answer.  Roberts did say that Uber is in trouble, which it is.  And now with the State of California saying Uber and Lyft drivers are employees, stay tuned with that new development.  Now if only my fellow cabbies can awaken to their new found opportunity, taking up the new ground once lost to Uber but of course I have grave doubts, especially after, once again, thousands of potential rides post-Husky were left wanting.

That took me eleven minutes, and yes, it is true, yesterday Seattle's taxi industry once again ignored the UW Husky football game, the match versus the University of Hawaii a blowout, the score 38 to 0 just before halftime, with only one cab to serve the hordes dashing out of the stadium, me.  In just over two hours I made $100.00 spread over five rides.  Only at game's end did I see another cab.  That was it.  Making it worse was how my request to publicize the game over our dispatch was ignored, instead repetitious messages telling us what we already know, and should know, etc.  Is anyone truly serious about anything in our shared Taxi-land?  Doesn't seem like it.  The Huskies trounced the Rainbows 52-20.

That took me nine minutes.  Isn't brevity wonderful! the total piece taking, including editing, 36 minutes to complete.  "She-who can't-be-named" will be pleased!


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