Sunday, August 25, 2019

Puget Sound Dispatch's MTI System Transition: Jury Deliberations Continue

PSD's new dispatch system has been with us for two weeks, time enough I think for a quick assessment on how it has been going.  But first, I would certainly be amiss in not mentioning the fervid months of preparation put in by Amin, Zem, Tom and others in getting the system up and running. While criticism comes easy, everyone must realize no transition is completely smooth, and compared to the "George System" changeover, all recent difficulties should be considered minor.  Above all, PSD remained functional with most "bells" served in timely fashion.  But some questions do require answers, especially as to why our Las Vegas call center was replaced by one in the Philippines, something done minus first consulting us, we the single owners paying PSD's bills.

One quick, and obvious answer is past  history, Yellow Cab's bad habit of making major decisions  without any or all serious consultation with those directly affected.  That must change, and while it appears there now exists more of a predisposition for openness and negotiation, the Manila (if that is where it is) call center has collectively shocked the entire Yellow single owner community, this after we were told "everything would now be local" but how a separation of 6,651 miles or 10,107 kilometers between Washington State and the Philippines is "local" distorts all acceptable definitions of "just down the hallway."  Maybe they neglected to consult a map, google mapping instead the now popular alternative.

Our biggest ongoing issues have been in order of:

1) an unexpected Android update shutting down most every one's computers (tablets).  Amin has spent many hours assisting the distressed drivers.

2) our credit card processing shut down for a few hours, and making it worse, at least for me, no one informing us when it was up and running again.  Manila didn't know, I can tell you that, and making it more confounding by simply not understanding what I was saying.  Perhaps PSD should offer all of us a "crash course" mastering the Filipino language.  It might prove to be helpful.  A cabbie told me yesterday that "more communication" is required.  Now that is what I call an understatement upon the subject. Ha Ha Ha!

3) the mystery that is Zone 160, never knowing upon accepting a Magnolia bell if it actually is in the 160 or not until the address is revealed.  Very irritating, especially when at the moment your are offered only two solutions, to do a "no show" or request to "cover your call" when it is miles away but only to find you have now been penalized 15 minutes for something not caused by you.  I have requested PSD to explain to us why they think they have legal authority to penalize for a service we are paying for?   I look forward to the explanation.

Yes, a few problems here and there but truly "small taxi potatoes" overall.  The new system installation was very efficient, along with all the classes and individual tutorials provided.  I like the new MTI system, I really do but would someone please promote and advertise our new dispatching app?  Customers truly like it.  Can we please tell the world that we are ready to punch Uber & Lyft in the nose?  Thank you!


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  1. Joey ,
    What ?? No one speaks ' tagalog ',
    ( pronounced tag - a - low ) ??
    Perhaps I can talk my gf into
    being an interperater since she's
    from the island of Luzon , but
    be forewarned , she'll want
    lots of US cabbie dollars !!
    No Philippine peso's will do !!
    Bill ...