Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Quick End Of The Year Report----State Of Seattle Taxi Industry December 2018

There really isn't much to report, at least not much good news as 2018 stumbles to a close.  The City/County does plan on adding 25 more WAT (wheelchair cabs) in 2019, along with a yearly $5000.00 expenditure stipend, but does nothing to improve the overall financial viability of everyone else, failing once again to recognize all the unofficial "handicap" fares non-WAT cabs serve weekly, going un-supplemented but taking valuable minutes out of every day.  While rumors have been many, like forcing Uber and Lyft to nearly match our rates, or that all taxis will be dual plated with both City and County licenses, nothing at all has occurred.  As the saying goes, don't hold your breath, as you're gonna turn blue in the face before anything changes.

In other taxi words, it is the same old story, single owner expenses continue to eat everyone alive while Uber and Lyft provide 91,000 fares a day in Seattle.  The only response we seem to receive from the City of Seattle are "sting operations" targeting cabbies with undercover officers or informants approaching parked cabs with alleged stolen goods, offering prices too good to be true but suddenly arresting anyone who says "Yes, I''ll buy that."  All I can say to Mayor Durkan is "Is that the best you can do?"  And that appears to true, to be the TRUE & ACTUAL state of taxi affairs Seattle-wise 2018.  Happy Holidays, anyone!?


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