Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Quickest Of Updates Concerning PSD Computer Dispatch Transition

I know many of you out there in Seattle Yellow Taxi-land are more than curious about what is happening or not concerning our transition from the "George/San Francisco" system to something new and different, and most importantly, more efficient and improved.  From what I can tell, and remember from our visit down to Portland, Oregon last Wednesday to view the functioning MT Data/ Mobile Technologies International (MTI) at Portland's Broadway Cab, it is a good system, one, at least initially, allowing all of us to use our existing tablets.  I say this first off given the concern many have about financial outlays.  Whatever our initial costs may be, I believe they will be  minimal.

Our introduction of the dispatch system was both in the classroom and viewing it in an actual cab.  The only drawback to all this was time, as we rushed from the train in cabs to the Broadway lot only to barely have 2 plus hours to take it all in before we once again had to leave.   Excuse my brevity, but here is my quick description of the presentation provided by MYI's Director of Sales for North America, Floyd Kaminski.  MTI is an international company, recently installing their system in a cab company in Helsinki, Finland.

---All their technology is in-house, developed and provided by MTI

----The system is self-configurable, meaning you can design and frame it to your particular needs. This is a huge advantage, allowing you flexibility, something we currently are lacking.

----Open Architecture, allowing for adjustment

----A very superior smart phone booking app

----Driver-tipping options

----System allows for accurate fare calculations

----Has an ability to create fixed rate fares.  More explanation later.

----Booking via WEB

----Accurate tracking of phone bookings

----Driver rating system accompanied with reason why rating was selected

----Cloud-based system

----Accurate GPS

----G4 to G5 system speed

----Real time traffic/road reporting

----Circular or concentric ring dispatching, meaning the system can be adjusted to closest cab or cabs by creating inner and outer rings, with the closest cabs being chosen by time in zone 

----Two-way direct messaging between dispatch and driver

----Web TelOp measures call-taker performance

----System allows driver photo and details

----System can allow "personals" to be dispatched to individual drivers

---Email receipts

You all might notice that this system is much like the app-driven system used by Uber and Lyft.  What this does is allow us to compete on a more-or-less equal basis. 

When all this becomes operational is any one's guess but probably within the next 4-8 weeks.  Contract negotiations are ongoing.


  1. Joey ,
    Anyone ever quote an estimated
    price for all this new technology ?? Seems like it'd be quite
    substantial and maybe prohibited
    to ' starving ' cab owners .
    Inquiring minds want to know.
    Bill ...

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