Wednesday, July 26, 2017

South Carver Street? And It Was 2:30 In The Morning, Tuesday, And Certainly Not In the Mood For Surprises

It still amazes me that even after nearly 30 years plying Seattle's streets I come across an address totally unfamiliar to me,  and in this unusual case, a call at the 6100 Thousand block of South Carver Street located just off of Rainier Avenue South in the greater Rainer Beach/Skyway neighborhood. Though new to me, I essentially guessed where it had to be, and I was correct, South Carver intersecting Waters Avenue South, a local major arterial intersecting with South 57th Street, S. 57th acting as a kind of formal entrance ramp to that part of southeastern Seattle.

While it is true I have driven by South Craver, I hadn't noticed it, meaning I had violated one of my own taxi commandants:  remember the first time the streets and avenues you pass, because you never know when you will need to know where it is.  That I almost knew means I had downloaded part of the info into my taxi brain depository, understanding how S. 57th and Waters S. correspond.

Perhaps even more astounding is that the young man standing at the corner bidding his girlfriend goodbye actually expected a cab to promptly show up at what, in Yellow Cab terms, is the middle of bloody nowhere.  And he even had the exact fare in hand, nine dollars taking him almost to the Renton and Seattle boundary on Renton Avenue South.

One reason this week I focused upon the taxi mundane is that I have been ignoring basic taxi for other issues.  For instance I could have instead written about the great NW writer, the late Raymond Carver whose poetry is far better than his much celebrated short stories. So here it is, in quick passing, hoping beyond hope that some reader out there will investigate Carver's writing and say, hey! that guy could write a line or two.

LGBTQ Commission 

I thought I had made my last comment upon outgoing Mayor Murray but a further request by a prominent Seattle Gay/Homosexual organization for him to resign got my attention due to its dishonesty, since anyone remotely aware of gay subculture are aware of its less savory sides.  That someone as prominent as the American writer Allen Ginsberg, a 1974 National Book Award Winner spent much of his latter career promoting sex with underage children, should tell anyone interested that what Murray is accused of is something that is not only condoned by large percentages of the Gay community but actively seen by some as a political and human rights issue.  Ginsberg not only associated himself with NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) but even appeared in its pro-sex-with-boys documentary: "Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys."  Distasteful yes but unfortunately a reality permeating male gay culture which in short, says, to me, that this LGBTQ statement is disingenuous.  What else could it be?  How can they truly be shocked?  I don't know how they can be.