Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Greetings From Mount Shasta City, CA---I Have Already Used My 4 Yellow Hours

Greeting from northern California.  I am on the second day of 12 days upon on the road.  Meeting 'she-who-can't-be-named"here, last night we slept near towering Mount Shasta, the reputed home of aliens residing within the bowels of the great mountain.  The weather is clear and hot and in a few minutes we will be off to view some water falls.  No, no men or woman from Mars, just a bunch of local space cadets.

Locally the big news is that it is now difficult at the Yellow garage to just get your flat tire changed and repaired.  Saturday a friend found this out when he took his Yellow Fleet cab in to get another tire and was told by the new mechanic that "sorry, there was nothing he could do!" given that he had already given Yellow that days' quota of hours.  After pleading with him, he relented but that not really helping, as there were no spare tires on hand, and only after a search through the wrecked cabs did they find one.  I'll let you make your own assessment of the situation but I am certainly happy that I am no longer dependent upon them for a cab.  And in terms of where I am going to have 1092 maintained, it is certainly not their garage.  

Nationally the news is all about Uber's management implosion and how they have been insensitive to nearly everyone and every situation confronting them.  I don't know how this is news, since from the very beginning all they have been telling every one is "F_ _ k you," telling entire countries to just "go to hell!"  The real news is if local American municipal governments finally started telling Uber to "screw off!" and begin repairing their relationships with the taxi companies. 

Do I think that is ever going to happen?   No, I don't.  And you might again ask, what do I think is truly going to happen?  That all those folks who have invested 70 billion dollars in Uber are going take over, making Uber ever more efficient.  

And what will happen to the American taxi industry.  I see them limping along for the next 20-30 years, providing service to the poorer sectors of American society and all those completely disgusted with Uber, an entity I have ingloriously dubbed "the New Plantation," meaning pre-1861 American Southern plantation.  The idle rumor is that all Uber operators all now have a reproduction of Jefferson Davis upon their dashboards.  Now that just can't be true, can it? 


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  2. Self driving cars are what's down the road, pardon the pun, and soon.

    This is what Uber is all about; to wit, replacing all their sucker drivers.

    When this happpens Uber slaves are screwed, and guess what?

    All taxi drivers will also be, as owners of taxi will simply buy self-driving vehicles and sit on their respective couches, watching their "investment." rolling around making them money.

    Free from the burden of sharing any income whatsoever with the driver, owners will be able to charge as little as $10 for an airport ride, etc.

    The publisher of this taxi blog will undoubtedly be one of the first to cash in on the technolodgy.

    Unless you own Uber, or on a much smaller scale own a taxi license, YOU ARE DONE.

    Again, cry me a river about "public service."

    Any remaining owners of taxi are about to make at least some sort of comback, because the driver ain't gonna be there no more.

    Don't believe ANYTHING on this blog when it comes to "fighting for the taxi driver."

    It is all a crock of major bs.

  3. Joey ,
    Your blog's starting to attract the nuts out there .
    Just read what this nut - job at :' Err Amerika '
    wrote . I say cabs might be down , but not out .
    Even if technology did change fast , we'll still
    see cabs for quite a while longer . Afterall ,
    aren't farmers still using horses today ??
    Be safe out there , folks . The cry - babies who's
    candidate lost the Oval Office last November have
    DECLARED War on American's . Just read what Rob Reiner ,
    ( yes , the meathead ) said yesterday !! Good luck
    and God - Speed John Glenn !!

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