Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Waning Full Moon Tales & GoFundMe Info For Terminally Ill Cabbie

I will always refer to that troublesome and mischievous moon when the unexpected occurs, shifting not only the tides but also the water composed blood surging through our veins and arteries.  Yes, upon our internal physical seashores the moon's waves erode our fragile sanity, providing what I see and experience: a road-rage demented driver who actually stops and gets out on the Ballard Bridge and approaches my cab; to the woman who said she lives at 18th South and Yesler Way, and upon our arrival says she doesn't know where she is.  Though living at 221 18th South for a full year, it seems not taking her usual route (Boren to Yesler, take a left turn) disoriented her though how I cannot tell you.  "Why didn't you just give me your address?" I asked.  She didn't have an answer.

On top of all the crazy drivers and aggressive passengers the full moon truly howled when I was approached outside the ReBar by a young woman who was in a five-hour search for her parked car.  Having attended the Weekend Hemp Fest, she somehow forgot where she parked and had been walking in circles for hours. Listening intently to to her descriptions, off we went in search of the elusive parking lot.  That it was already One in the Monday morning meant I was exhausted, making the assignment all the more difficult as we circled the greater area near the Seattle Center, having told me she had "seen the Space Needle." from the lot.

45 minutes later I was done in physically, drained from checking out every damn parking lot in a about a 1 1/2 mile circumference. But would you believe it because I still can't, driving south on Elliott near Bell she suddenly shouts "That's it!" and it certainly was, amazingly locating her 1984 white Honda.  Getting $40.00 for the ordeal was great but achieving "Victory!" in the face of guaranteed defeat was amazing, making me happy for a few sleepy minutes, meaning she would make actually it home to Bremerton in time for her morning shift.  Thank you, full moon, I think!

Money Donations Needed for Dying Cabbie

A friend of a terminally ill Seattle Yellow taxi driver located me through my blog, telling me Robert Stansell (YC 867) is dying from irreversible colon cancer.  He can no longer work and is facing eviction from his Queen Anne apartment.  Any and all monetary donations are appreciated.  There is, as far as I know, a collection jar now sitting at the Yellow cashier's window.  A more direct way to help is his "gofundme" account.  Great thanks to Jenny to notifying me of Rob's dire situation.


California Uber Driver Settlement Tossed

Last week a judge tossed out the settlement negotiated between California Uber drivers and Uber, saying it was too small, representing less than .01 of Uber's net worth.  Stay tuned.  And I must add the warning to please avoid all lawyers who do not understand the independent operator experience.  The hotshot lawyer the drivers had hired clearly "sold them down the river!"  I had sent her a email months ago.  No response was what I got. Too typical, the Bhramin not touching the dalit, this bad story never ending.

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