Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Molest In The New Year---Running Her Fingers Through My Hair

A young woman driving an Uber  car had her drunk passenger arrested when he reached over the seat, grabbing and kissing her before passing out.  The news report seemed to express her surprise concerning just how something like this could have happened.  She shouldn't have been shocked, and it isn't in any manner a behavioral aberration. It is something to be expected even when you aren't expecting it.

Case in taxi point was my very first fare of the New Year. A stripper from a local club, within minutes of entering my cab ran her fingers through my hair--someone completely sober, totally minus all celebratory beverages..  All during this $82.00 fare taking us south of Auburn she continually dropped veiled hints suggesting possibilities that might or might not have existed but $2.70 a mile just isn't enough for extra curricular activities landing us both upon the back seat.  Should I say that if you want me to get serious I better see some serious money?  No, I shouldn't say that!

What was somewhat amusing is that I never even looked at her once until arriving at her apartment complex, it now being time to pay the cabbie.. Turning around I found she had her miniskirt exposed thighs perfectly placed for my view and enjoyment, all the while talking to her husband on the telephone.  Wonderful I know to be chosen for her momentary attention, and can I say, attraction, the stripper just another confused human animal lost upon the surface of our shared planet.  Earlier she had told me she grossed $350.00 in only 41 minutes before having to return home, having failed to renew her 2016 business license.  Want to guess how she achieved such an amount  in record time?  Think about it and understand there is only one reason and one reason only why all those dumbbell men enter these so-called gentleman clubs.  Sex and sex only.  Are you surprised?  You shouldn't be.  Am I surprised?  No, just exhausted and little else, the New Year telling me there is nothing new nor fun under the taxi moon and sun, the same old, same old mundane circumstances and experiences ringing in 2016.  No it is not a surprise. How could it be?

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