Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Coyote Running At 120th and Lake City Way NE

As any cabbie knows, there are all kinds of wildlife in the city, some human, some not.  I certainly prefer the non-human type as exemplified by the somewhat bewildered looking coyote running from east to west across usually impassable Lake City Way NE but if you have to cross, 1:30 AM on an early Monday morning is probably the correct time.  I was on my way to my last fare of the weekend, the strip club Deja Vu, a venue where the least cultivated human animals go.  If needing any further evidence, it was my attempted talking to the young woman who was sitting outside the door waiting for her ride home.  She relented to tall me my passenger would be coming out soon but clearly she felt she had to be "on the defensive" because of her status as what I am not sure.  She was just a very ordinary example of young American woman, proving to the world that strip clubs will take anyone who is willing to pay their rent and take off their clothes. Thankfully my fare was considerably brighter, and tipped me five on top of five.  Strip clubs appear to be miserable places, a societal lowest common denominator. I doubt if any self-respecting coyote, raccoon, opossum, crow etc. would enter those doors.  While naked is their reality they do nothing to flaunt or celebrate it.  They are natural, in their naturally wild state, not brooking any false arguments to the contrary, not interested in what us humans call civilisation, we, not they, the intruders.

Sea-Tac Contract Review

Port of Seattle will be announcing its decision the Yellow's contract renewal on-line December 3rd, 2015, and more formally, during a commission meeting December 8th, 2015.  The Yellow Sea-Tac drivers I believe should brace themselves for the worst outcome.  At best I think you will see a much reduced role for taxis.  I hope I am wrong but I doubt it.  We, my taxi friends, are a somnolent industry.  What wakes us up? Nothing, forever remaining asleep.  If you don't agree then why have you ignored the screaming alarm clock? You can't tell me you haven't heard its shrill bells.  I know you have.  The problem is that you don't know how to care.  You really don't, your empathy and awareness of self and others miserably lacking. After 28 years of watching everyone operate, that is my damning assessment. And I know you won't prove me wrong.  I know you.  I know all of you too well, it being a sad and sorry story, a tale of you own writing. Many know that I have tired to edit the narrative but I have been  ignored.  Now you get what you get.  At least you can't say you hadn't ever  been warned.  I know I sound disgusted.  Without any doubt I am, repetition boring, so utterly boring.

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