Friday, December 12, 2014

Deluding Myself

I really thought that Wednesday's TAG meeting would be flooded with angry cabbies. Well, I couldn't have been more incorrect. What this translates to is that I am more than tired "carrying the taxi torch" for an industry incapable of caring for itself.  Now I better than anyone understand the "taxi mind" but it comes to a point when I feel, in my current capacity as a lone cabbie shouting at the bureaucratic sky, it is time to take a different tact. I have thought often that I, and the local industry would be better served if I became an official taxi lobbyist, and that is what I am going to investigate becoming.  Washington State Senator Cyrus Habib is in the process of writing a bill that would completely redefine the definition of a TNC (meaning Uber) company, freeing Uber from L&I and other obligations.  In other words, the company with nearly 3 billion in cash on hand is seeking a free ride.  That is why an experienced taxi voice is required to fight something that will leave us at an operational disadvantage.  I can guarantee you that the majority of the elected and non-elected officials in the Washington State Capitol of Olympia know little to nothing concerning taxi realities. When I was working on the L&I issue, staff members were very appreciative of what I provided them, wishing they had spoken to me sooner.  I know I can be influential for an industry that is screaming out for some badly needed recognition.  The reason I quit the taxi commission because it was a waste of my time.  The same can be said of the TAG, making it highly doubtful I will be returning. 

Everyone might find it useful to read Ordinance # 124524.  Copies of the ordinance (law) are available on-line:
Enter Ord. No. "124524"

Copies of Rules issued to implement the Ordinance are available on-line:
Click on "Browse"

Update On Assaulted Cabbie Adam Gaal  

Jesse Alexander Fleming, the sailor alleged to have attacked Yellow taxi driver Adam Gaal, is scheduled to be arraigned on Malicious Harassment & 2nd Degree Assault charges on the morning of December 24th, at 8:30 AM in court room 1201, King County Courthouse, 516 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA.  Fleming's bail was increased to $100,000

Check out the good article and interview by KUOW reporter Liz Jones on the KUOW website.  The article is entitled, "Muslim Group Wants FBI to Investigate Attack On Seattle Cabbie."

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  1. wow every person in Seattle has sided with the Somali taxi driver without even seeing the camera or interviewing the attacker. I would get upset if my cab driver kept calling me an asshole American. Also what is the policy on seat belts in taxis? Is in legal to pick up more people than you have seat belts for? and is it legal for a woman to ride on her husband’s lap for lack of a place to sit?