Monday, September 22, 2014

Anarchy In General And Taxi In Particular

Taxi's foundation is shifting sand minus grounding and meaningful security, quickly translating into a permanent transient state whose capitol and governing assembly is a rancid bureaucracy promoting perpetual bedlam as functional reality, thus making it nearly impossible to feel both coherent and intact, and can it be suggested, sane and happy in what is essentially a chimerical and phantasmagorical and endlessly reckless environment.  That of course is a long-winded way of saying this was one crazy weekend.  Yellow introduced its new computer dispatch operating system with at times disastrous results, thinking that the usual "learning on the fly" would again suffice.  That everyone including myself were mystified confirms there had to be a better way. 

Finally, after four hours of stress and pain someone was able to tell me how to minimally operate the damn thing.  After that it was fairly easy deciphering what once was imponderable. The only problem were the lost hours setting me back, making it all the harder to reach my usual and expected weekly financial goals.  A last fare early this morning from Northwest Hospital to a Des Moines address south of the airport took whatever energy I had left. 

Adding to the weight this weekend was the putting upon me of complete responsibility for last Sunday's second flat tire, someone thinking I had somehow been irresponsible, allowing the tire and rim to be permanently damaged. This after Yellow's self-created dilemma affected thousands this weekend. Excuse me if my taste remains bitter.

Now it has been said that the lesson concerning our new system has been learned and a greater effort will be put forward but unfortunately the harm, however long or short or enduring, has been done.  Whether all of what transpired this weekend will ultimately lead to a greater understanding I don't know but I doubt if anyone remains interested in repeating what happened.  The lead mechanic said to me this afternoon that we are a team which I wholeheartedly agree, allowing me to ask again why can't we have spare tires available after the shop is closed?  It certainly would make everything easier.  That would be wonderful, making the sometimes intolerable easier to swallow.   That would be nice, all taxi sugar and spice and sweetened rice reducing the roar of the squealing experimental laboratory mice!

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  1. I've never really considered what it would be like on the other side of the taxi system. Having a good dispatch system should be very important. I guess technology changes how things are done quite a bit.

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