Friday, August 22, 2014

Lake Kelcema

My intention to write even a shortened report upon the entirety of the new regulations has been sabotaged by an ill-behaving computer.   Having switched to another computer and having less than 40 minutes left before heading off to dinner, I will instead tell you that off the Mountain Loop Highway north of Granite Falls, Washington resides a beautiful alpine lake nestled in the Boulder River Wilderness, Lake Kalcema.  Luckily yesterday afternoon I found I had the lake completely to myself.  To say I felt blessed is an understatement.  Finding a small sandy beach surrounded on three sides by ripe berry-laden Huckleberry bushes, I leaped into the lake, treating the experience as a kind of naturalistic baptism.  I couldn't have been more content.  The sun was shining and the water, surprisingly, a pleasant temperature.  No taxis, no people, no machines of any kind.  Just blissful silence.  There was nothing else to request.  I had everything I needed.

Next Monday my report might be equally short but even sweeter when I will be in Sweet Home, Oregon with the ever famous "she-who-can't-be named."  We will be camping and hiking in an area near Quartzville Creek.  Known for its gold dust-laden waters we will see what hidden treasures are to be found.  If its only peace and quiet I will be eternally grateful.

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