Monday, February 10, 2014

"Is There Anything Else I Can Call You For?" & Other Passenger Interactions

Taxi above anything else is about interactions, verbal and non-verbal between driver and passenger.  How can it be explained when, like last night, I received $50.00 dollars for a $5.00 fare, the entire ride less than a mile?  The two older waitresses were a trifle drunk but not loaded or over the edge.  So much happens on the sub-conscious level it sometimes seems that actual consciousness makes up only five percent of the decision making.  Is everything sex, like Freud might have said?  Or are we all just acting on an instinctive innately animal level, aggression and reproduction our most primal states?  A cynic would say that you are making everything, especially taxi, too complicated.  Perhaps but I don't think so.  A video tape of a typical shift would, I think, completely explain everything. Real and living taxi reality is an amazing world.

Yesterday morning, post-snow storm,  I picked up two woman from the Frye Apartments going to 16th & E. Alder.  Saturday night they couldn't get a cab, which wasn't surprising, they and everyone else competing in the unexpected winter frolic.  I was friendly, making a few jokes and gave them my card, saying if there is a next time call me and I'll see what I can do.  That is when the woman in the magenta goose down jacket asked about my availability.

The response took me by surprise, replying that I could write a resume or a short story for them but of course I understood what I had been asked, sexual innuendo however circuitous clearly stating intent.  Her question reminded of the best line delivered ever in my 25 plus years laboring beneath the top-light, when, upon apologizing to the female passenger pressed against me in the front seat, responded, "That's okay, I felt you in all the right places."  Sex then it appears is always just under the surface.  I am just glad Seattle is pretty conservative in those areas because in any overt environment like San Francisco or NYC I would need a protective Airedale keeping the aroused masses away.  And I am sure the big terrier would improve tips.  Everyone likes a pooch!


I was not pleased!  About 7:00 PM it started coming down.  I thought of quitting but knew I wouldn't.  I have my weekly budget to meet regardless rain or shine.  Having learned to drive in part in northern Alberta there can be no denying I know how to drive in ice and snow.  I do so I did.  Clearly many drivers quit for the evening, leaving an intrepid few to answer the demand. 

Passengers were both grateful and generous, showering me with amazing tips.  Demand was like New Year's Eve, and like that holiday, people were going everywhere and anywhere, my last three fares illustrative.

After minced chicken and corn soup at Hing Loon, I found this young gentleman motioning for me to stop at the corner of Denny and Melrose East.  Flipping a quick U he said "Kent!" and off we went.  Where we were really going was deep Covington as further and further east we drove, an entire $80.00 dollars worth.  Experiencing some sort of crisis he just had to visit his aunt.  Was she awake?

Back in Seattle a woman took me to DT Bellevue for $40.00 including tip.  By this point I was past tired, entering a new state of being.

Deciding on one last fare, Harborview Hospital ER took me to NE 137th & Lake City Way NE for 30 bucks.  It was now nearly 7:00 AM  and airport fares were waiting everywhere.  Wisely I chose sleep and glad I did.  Later, after awakening, I got a blood package from the "medical" up to Everett Providence, a cool $80.00 dollars.  I liked the women in their lab.  Friendly and down-to-earth.  Best package I've had in a long time.

City Council Friday Feb 14th 9:30 AM

I think this is when they will be announcing their final decisions.  Important to attend if possible.  Like I said, I will be there.  Either the ending or the beginning of a saga.

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