Monday, August 5, 2013

Am I Bored?

Yes I am bored with all things taxi except the necessary money at the end.  Insufficient sleep over four days deadens the most optimistic outlook but in reality biting one's tail isn't productive.  After less than five hours sleep I dragged myself out to a driver's meeting where a friend bombarded me with criticism.  I like her and everyone else but doesn't she and everyone else realize that taxi is absolute bedlam and expecting resolution is unrealistic?  How can I be responsible for the too many years of taxi screw-ups?  It isn't possible.

Earlier this morning drunks half-circled the cab  ready to kill, screaming and calling me names, an ersatz riot seeking purpose. Why?  Because I wouldn't cooperate with madness, with alcohol- generated behavior. Call it tedious, call it stupid, call it inane.  No I won't be your dance partner, the asphalt parking lot an uneven floor.

My response wasn't personal.  I for the most embrace the individual regardless of behavior.  What isn't confusing about being alive?  Still, conducting yourself responsibly is essential. Otherwise you are dissonant, discordant, minus musicality.  Sour notes are boring, splitting the post-midnight quietude, the wrong hour for post-modern composition.  Who wants to hear it?  Clearly I don't.

A reporter called this afternoon, asking about the protest and similar topics.  Thursday James Cooper and Ray Mundy present their demand audit before Sally Clark's sub-committee.  All of the issues simmering are nearing boiling temperature.  Fingers will be scalded but for what purpose?  What has been gained by the mollification of the for-hire industry?  Is there an invisible principality intervening amongst the mortal?  Sometimes it does seem that way.

What am I really looking forward to?  Sleep and more sleep.  When "she-who-can't-be-named" and I meet up next week at Crater Lake what will I be doing?  Sleeping.  I will be sleeping.  And when I awaken, walking along the Rogue River listening to watery dialogue, a narrative both stimulating and calm.  Five days not enough but it must suffice, a healing poultice, a momentary balm soothing the scorched taxi soul. At this point I will take what I can get.

Post-Script Alert:

The Mundy & Cooper "demand audit" presentation scheduled for Thursday August 8th has been postponed to some future date in September.  Please take note and I will let you know when the meeting is rescheduled.

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