Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hellish As In Taxi As Usual

"She-who-can't-be-named" commented that I am devoting too much time describing the local taxi situation. "I know it is your priority but does anyone else care?''  I said I am writing for the drivers but she remains unconvinced.  She wants me to be more "commercial" and make the blog more entertaining.  "You mean you don't find political gyrations comical?"  In a nod toward her sentiment I will relate a couple stories I view as the "more mundane that is the usual taxi," the taxi I don't love and truly hate.  Is it really entertaining to have your meter die on a busy Saturday night?  Haw, haw, haw, let me perish laughing!

Yes, just before 8:00 PM Saturday my meter suddenly said "sayonara" and stopped working.  Of course it would have to happen when a passenger like Candace gets in and is instantly suspicious when I tell her that I will have to estimate the fare.  With the shop closed I was stuck dealing with the problem myself.  After dropping sweet Candace off (she even tipped me) I headed toward the only shop that might be open but no, the mechanic was gone for the night.  I tried an auto parts store and a truly nice guy tried to figure it out.  We both thought it was a blown fuse but couldn't find the correct fuse box.  Saying goodbye to him I was left to my own taxi devices to stumble along as well as I could.  Taking "flags" most of the night I did okay, everyone was very understanding and unconcerned as I multiplied $2.70 per mile times the miles driven. The only other person the slightest circumspect was a visitor from California going to the Bellevue Hyatt from Capital Hill but after some pleasant conversation he tipped me ten bucks. 

Waking up early I sped to the lot where Taki took all of five minutes to replace the fuse.  I told him that I was so pleased that if he was a woman I would kiss him which made him laugh and make a similar silly comment in return.  We all need a little levity in the midst of madness!  All I wish is that someone would realize that we are a 24/7 company and have more assistance available after 5 or 6 PM.  At least now I know where the meter fuse is and might have some chance of figuring it out myself if the worst happens again.

The cherry on top of all this was my very last fare of the night, a package from Children's Hospital to Harborview.  Because of the hour I had to drag myself the entire length of the hospital, a round trip of over four blocks to retrieve the package.  Of course once arriving at HMC I had a similar journey of about 1 1/2 blocks.  As I joked to the security personnel at Children's, it was the most exercise I had gotten all day.

Now aren't you glad I lightened your taxi day?  Are you now ready to join our steady fraternity?  Ha ha ha! and say you will, eager like me to swallow the bitter pill!


  1. Yeah, too bad your shameless plug isn't classy. Hey Joe, why don't you delete Shameless Shazzy's spam from this thread?

  2. I didn't realize it until when I got in a taxi in Richmond and it donned on me that driving a taxi has to be one of the most bizarre jobs because of the variety of people you are bound to meet. I am sure there are many great stories out there and I look forward to hearing yours.