Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sad News: The General Manager of Puget Sound Dispatch Succumbed To Cancer Today

I am stunned to announce that Frank Dogwilla, the general manager of the dispatch company providing dispatch services to Yellow Cab, Puget Sound Dispatch, has died from a fast developing lung cancer that quickly spread to other parts of his body.  This scenario began in January while under going a routine gallbladder operation.  It was then that the cancer was discovered.  Though there had been discussion the past few weeks concerning his situation, no one knew how major his obstacles were.  The shock is palpable, another colleague gone.  Though some, including myself sometimes chafed at his "old-time Navy" style of administration, no one could question his steadfast dedication to improving the industry for everyone.  It was probably not totally fair to drop someone accustomed to military structured discipline and routine into the near anarchy that is taxi.  There was a sharp learning curve which included some shouting. In fairness I don't blame him because taxi will drive anyone "up the wall!"  Rest in peace Frank, and thanks for trying to instill some sense and order amongst the taxi mob!  You will be missed.

Great Taxi Articles in the Stranger Newspaper

Two terrific pieces written by Goldy (David Goldstein) appeared this week in the local alternative weekly, The Stranger.  See "The War on Cabs" with its great illustration and also the blog entry on the Stranger's Slog series of blogs, "FYI, We Already Tried Deregulating Seattle's Taxi Industry.  It Didn't Work."

I who rarely recommend anything from outside our closed world vouch for Goldstein's accuracy.  For a taxi rookie he did a tremendous job.  It is both good reporting and excellent writing.  If I had at least half of a computer mind I would include the links but truly in this instance I am truly "a taxi bear with very little brain" or something like that.


  1. Sad, I liked Frank. Who will be the next manager? Who decides?

  2. Here are the links to those articles...

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