Monday, February 11, 2013

What Is Taxi?

What is taxi?  Of course the obvious efficient transporting from point A to B, the apex, the lyrical opus of a mechanical symphony, the end to a means that everyone sees and recognizes from Seattle to Istanbul to Athens to Bucharest, the glowing top-light welcoming all and everyone as the customer remains first never last, gasoline and conversation the combined fuel taking you down the paved and sometimes bumpy roadway. Yes the pinnacle of an elaborate organization, a clear termination but not nearly its beginning, instead something best described as an almost biblical genesis, broad reactions and responses begetting this, giving birth to that: taking  passengers home, to the airport, to the movies or even to a new life stepping away and out.  It is the unseen that we in the industry know, the palpable and knowable relationship shifting populations across cities and indeed over an expansive globe twenty-four hours a day.  It is an industry in constant motion rarely stopping except momentarily quickly filling the tank or grabbing a bite then off and onward to the next waving hand or ringing bell. Beneath that is the never ending dialogue in hundreds of languages discussing "You won't believe....."  and "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! that asshole....." all at breakneck speed until sleeping or even rarer, the cars resting a few minutes before rushing off again to another address honking "I am here! I am here!  This and more is taxi taking you and me to the curb walking up the steps, reaching the door opening to Eternity shaking your hand, welcoming you with a "glad to see you survived yet another taxi day!" even though you feel like death-warmed-over and ready if not quite prepared for an early grave. 

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