Friday, January 18, 2013

Waterfalls & Hot Springs: Gaining Perspective

Nothing like walking past roaring waterfalls and soaking in thermal hot springs to both cool the mind and warm the soul.  These last five days I have been doing just that, having joined "she-who-can't-be-named" on Monday to celebrate her birthday. We spent two nights in a cabin at Silver Falls State Park just east of Salem, Oregon and another two nights at the Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center which is about ten miles outside of the tiny town of Detroit.  Silver Falls is just short of amazing and cheap, cabins going for $39.00 per night.  Breitenbush is $75.00 each which includes a cabin, three all you can eat organic meals and 24 hour access to various outside soaking pools plus a wet sauna.  We preferred Silver Falls being solitary types, Breitenbush at this moment having about 105 guests in addition to about 50 staff members.  In my youth I lived in places with less population. If you also like snow you would enjoy Breitenbush in January, as it was truly a winter wonderland, something out of your favorite Christmas card.  We stomped through the snow on various paths and roads taking in the refreshing air.

When I left Seattle a somewhat questionable lawsuit had been filed and in general the taxi industry is in a minor uproar.  More on that next week.  Four taxi-related meetings last week tells me I have my hands full.  On Tuesday I meet with a mayoral aide which I will elaborate on later next week.  All I can say is that I wish and hope all of my fellow taxi colleagues can get away soon from the madness and gain some perspective.  Yes making a living is important but having it lead to an early death isn't what is required.  There are other realities. At the alternative mecca that is Breitenbush they would tell you all about it.  Even if you are not interested in talking to anyone you can always close your eyes and melt away in the mineral springs.  It is a good idea.  I highly recommend it. And those waterfalls are wonderful.  Today we actually stood behind thunderous North Falls. It was a terrific time. You too can practice your swordsmanship with icicles of your choice, a highly non-lethal sport!  Never too late to be child, adult matters and concerns bordering on the tedious. Living and experiencing life is what being alive is all about.  How often must I repeat it?

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