Monday, October 8, 2012

When All The Same Isn't

Usually I know what I will be writing about when approaching this blog, rehashing themes and events of the just past taxi weekend though tonight none of it is interesting to me.  I know the topic too well.  Repetition is not sustaining though classic radio stations would have you believe otherwise, the same song ad nauseum five times or more during a given audio day.  A ride yesterday to Monroe, Washington did help, green pastures refreshing to the taxi soul, reviving memories of an old friend and 1973 and opportunities confused and lost.  Clearly I have had enough but as with the majority of my fellow earthly citizens I am chained to my current fate until I am not.  Hopefully it will not take death to alter the current scenery and scenario.  As it appears my future does reside in my typing fingers I should both continue and accelerate my efforts in that direction.  Friends have told me that I am the most consistent writer that they know, that I am always writing. Whether that is completely accurate it is true that I do or have done little to promote either myself or my literary efforts.  Better I become reclusive after the best seller than something that will never occur as I drown beneath never ending taxi weekends.  By age ten I knew I would be putting words together creating stories and narratives explaining the world I knew and would continue to examine.  Oddly it appears that I might finally be ready to exhale having held my breath too many years.  As my father taught me suffocation can be habit forming.  Maybe that is why I yearn for open desert and prairies, feeling hemmed and walled in by a habitual masonry.  Give me the open road though minus the big yellow car.  I will walk and sit quietly suddenly eleven again and reading "Something of Value."  I am in Kenya and the Empire is oppressive but still I am free, I am free.  Fort Chipewyan, Alberta was a watery heaven.  I am ready again to throw in a line almost instantly pulling up a three foot long pike, its flesh thick and white and plentiful, walking back along the granite-lined orange flecked lake shore.

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